the value of your memories

These aren’t just pretty snapshots you’ll look at once or twice, post a few to Instagram, and be done with like all of those beach vacay pics. It’s the same way that your wedding isn’t just a big party (we’re emphasizing that because, I mean, it is still an awesome celebration). Your wedding is the beginning of your journey in marriage together, a life well-spent and purposed in finding comfort and support and safety in your partner. It’s the same way that your wedding band isn’t just a ring. It’s a symbol, an actual visual symbol you wear on your hand every single day to remind you of the vows you made to your true love.

These aren’t just snapshots. They are the tangible memories of one of the most spectacular days of your life together.

Just like with any investment, the more time that goes by - the more valuable these memories become.


“We just finished looking at our photos for the third time…

We knew they’d be amazing, but we were both stunned! They’re brilliant. Every. Single. One. Thank you so much for the ugly cry and every other amazing thing you’ve done for us.” - TEP Groom



Like everything else, we aren’t just your photographers. As crazy as it is to realize, you’ll spend the most time on your wedding day with us. No joke. We’ll be there when you’re getting your hair done, when you’re getting dressed (no noodz - we promise), during your first look together, right before you walk down the aisle, corralling your family for formals, eating your cake right after you cut it, and all the way to the point when you’re rushing through your grand exit to get in the car and drive off into your future. We’ll laugh with you, fix your hair, straighten your tie, tell you you’re beautiful, we’ll cry during the vows and the speeches, and we’re going to dance with you at the reception.

Basically what I’m saying is, we’re practically family by the end of this.

And in other words? We need to like each other.



The Investment

Here’s the tea…

Each Collection comes standard with:

  • Online Gallery + Mobile App

  • Professional Photo Editing

  • Print Release Form

  • Custom Photography Timeline

  • Secure Online Client Portal

  • Exclusive TEP Information Guides



Now is also the time where we mention that we travel. We travel for weddings, for elopements + intimate ceremonies, for ultra rad love story sessions, and, always, for fun. We customize these collections to include travel and accommodation so that’s one less thing you have to worry about too. Whether you want to bring me to you, or you want to take me with you - we’ll make it happen! We’ve got destination wedding and intimate ceremony specific resources and guides to help ensure the best experience!