Easter Weekend

Our first holiday weekend in Colorado was filled with good food, good views, and good friends. The nice thing about moving out here is that we already had a few friends who live conveniently less than a minute away - seriously. But, what is so magical about CO is the fact that everyone is truly nice. Justin and I have discussed endlessly how everyone maintains a genuine smile, they're interested in your story, and they invite you over for dinner. I think this says a lot for this state. Colorado ranks as one of the happiest states in the nation, and it is not hard to see why. With ample adventures waiting at your doorstep, how can anyone be unhappy? This translates across the board with everyone we've met.

Saturday night we were invited by one of J's coworkers to dinner at his beautiful cabin in the Nederlands (I love this word!). A cookout hosted by the roommates and plenty of people gathered in this gorgeous cabin with beautiful views, Elk roaming the fields, and bright stars. Dinner was fantastic!

Sunday we spent the day having quite the adventure. We are currently working on building my studio/office/guest space and after plenty of shopping decided to buy the Stora loft bed from Ikea. We also bought a sofa to go beneath it and a few accessories - fitting all that in the jeep was difficult enough. Upon FINALLY making it home, we realized that we were locked out of our apartment. The garage door opener was in J's car, in the closed and locked garage. And our front door has double deadbolts - only one of which unlocks from the outside, and they were both locked. I cannot understand why this is - I assure you, we certainly do not feel like we need that added security. This is where having talented friends comes in handy - climbers, specifically. After getting no answer from our emergency maintenance department, we called in extra help! Our buddy was able to scale and climb up (BAREFOOT) the stone wall to our second floor balcony where the door was unlocked. Craziest thing ever, and we are so glad we've got good talented friends to help us out! We rushed inside because we were due for dinner at 5pm, and threw together our Easter-pastel-colored recipes courtesy of Pinterest! Generally, our Pinterest recipes do not ever turn out the way they look in their pretty pictures, but I was rather pleased with this turnout!

While we miss our normal holiday routines back home (especially Easter baskets and egg hunts), we felt incredibly lucky to still have good people to spend this Easter weekend with!

We are in the process of completing the studio/office, and I'll feature a post once it's all finished!


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