Spring City, Tennessee | English Family | Taylor English Photography

Hey look - it's my favorite family again! And I just can't ever apologize for posting and taking hundreds of photos of them. Seriously, don't I have the most adorable nephew ever!? Is it natural to want to squeeze him until he pops!? 

What was special about this, is that these family portraits were snapped right here in Tennessee. It's been over two years since my brother, my mother, and I were all in the same room, at the same time, together. But it was even more special because Kinsey and Kit were there too. My grandfather got to meet his great-grandson, as well as his great-aunt, and a few second cousins and other family members as well too! 

My mother's new home on the lake is absolutely perfect for family photos. Tree limbs overhanging the water, rickety docks, geese, and the best part - it's deserted most of the time! Watts Bar Lake is generally a weekend getaway for most people who own homes here.

I am thinking I may need to host a few mini-sessions here! 

Now - on to your daily dose of cuteness! 


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