Emma + Jackson | Anniversary | Snoopers Rock

Emma and Jackson came to Chattanooga to celebrate their one year anniversary as a married couple! It was a mini-getaway for them, traveling the short distance down from Nashville. You may actually recognize these two. They're friends of Brianna and Kasey's, and Emma was part of Bri's House Party in her wedding! I think it's become a priority of mine to photograph everyone Bri and Kasey knows. I mean, duh - look at these people! Full of love and sunshine beaming from their faces! 

We made the trek back to Snooper's Rock - probably one of my favorite views southeast Tennessee has to offer. They danced, giggled, and squeezed each other tight on the overlook. And I will literally never end my love affair with smoke bombs, don't ask me to. 

They told me that instead of gifts every year, they've chosen to gift each other a photo session each anniversary instead. A couple who values images as much as I do is my spirit animal. 

Happy One Year Anniversary Emma and Jackson!

Taylor English

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