Favorite New Bridal Trend - Bridesmaid Jumpsuits | Taylor English Photography

The wedding industry is changing. New trends, couples bucking tradition,"elopement" is a totally different definition than it once was. It is so exciting to develop relationships with brides and grooms who are more like me - a bit weird/eccentric/quirky. Brides and/or grooms who belong to fandoms, and have multiple passions in life ranging from craft brews to lowered Volkswagens. You know, like me.

And like me, they get the fact that poof-floof bridesmaids dresses are a thing of the past. They want their squad decked out in something that's 

A. Going to look bomb both in person and the wedding photos

B. Bridesmaids will actually WANT to wear again

C. Outfits that are different and a bit unique, just like them. 

Enter stage left: Dope AF jumpsuits. 

No more "One size fits All" gowns that actually don't fit at all. No need to worry about any Marilyn Monroe gusts of wind on wedding day while walking down the aisle. And the likelihood of wearing again - 100% will find any excuse to wear again.

Jumpsuits are not just for the bridesmaids either. Brides are ditching the train and running around in rompers too! Oh, and I forgot to mention - TOTALLY AFFORDABLE. Umm YASS QUEEN. 

Check out the options below, and tell me whether or not you'd wear a jumpsuit in a wedding!

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