Kiss Compilation of 2017 | Love Stories | Taylor English Photography

A video compilation of my favorite kiss or almost kiss moments from every session in 2017. Well, every session with two people in love. 

I always wonder what it looks like to people outside of the 3 or 4 of us shooting together. There I am, encouraging you to make out with your partner, telling you to get closer, really go for it, kiss her like you mean it - like it's the last kiss you'll ever give her. And then I'm really supportive when you do that, cheering you on and all. It's a good thing we're all fully clothed and normally in public places, or else someone might think what I'm doing is illegal or at the very least, highly disapproved of hahah! 

Those of you watching - go home and make out with your significant other tonight. Making out is the best. Now excuse me, while I go kiss on J a bit :'D

Taylor English

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