How to Make the Most of Your First Look on Wedding Day | Taylor English Photography

So you’ve chosen to have a First Look on your wedding day. The best part? This means you get to spend even more time with your True Love (heck yes!), and best of all, you get those moments alone (double heck yeah!). That’s sacred time - if you’ve been to a wedding, then you’ve probably seen how little the wedding couple gets to be together. And while you may want to spend those moments embracing and giggling - which by all means, definitely do, we have some tips on how to best maximize that time alone together.


If you’ve written vows to exchange, consider sharing them with one another during your First Look together. These are the promises and commitments you are making to your partner and your marriage - if you don’t feel like reciting those in front of all your guests (quite a few of my couples confess that it’s this part they’re most nervous about!), this is the perfect time to do it instead! And let me tell you, I haven’t witnessed one of these yet where there wasn’t a flood of tears - stash away a few tissues!


Expressing gratitude and joy, and sharing a soft unity prayer reminds you amongst the chaos of wedding day, of what is important. This is something that can be done without actually seeing each other, but still giving you two a few moments alone together before the ceremony.


The first look is the perfect time to exchange those thoughtful gifts you picked out for one another. Personally, I love giving a gift more - I definitely want to see your face when you open it. And it might be something you want to wear or have on you for the rest of the wedding day.


You can write and exchange letters during this time. You can choose to read them aloud to each other or you can read them silently. This is another “Faux Look” technique - a way to have a first look without seeing each other. Or you can read to your partner all the ways in which you love them, or, you know, Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18 or something.


Okay, yes. here this bride is singing and performing for her new husband during the reception, but I LOVE this. Singing your song (the one the two of you deemed YOURS) to your partner during the first look will make them fall in love all over again, not to mention, I will full on lose it as I capture that moment!

Just remember, it’s your wedding day. Make decisions that reflect who the two of you are and what you want as a couple. If that means sitting down to play a round of Mario Kart, or sharing a beer together, or if it just means standing there and hugging each other for a good 15 minutes, do what you love to do together. Take the time to be alone together, to be present and fully aware in the moment, to tell each other how much you can’t wait to marry them, and then to whisper over and over, “We’re married, we’re married.”

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