Riverside Cottage Elopement in Nashville, TN | Rachel + George

I fell in love this day.

With this couple, with their closest friends and family, with their sweet cottage on the Tennessee River in Nashville.

I knew I wanted to work with Rachel the moment she reached out to me. Flattery really does go a long way and she made certain to express that she and George loved my work.

She told me their wedding was in November, and that they were musicians - both of them, though not together. George is from New Zealand. She’d fallen for him the moment she saw him, but had to wait, wait for the time to be right. So she did. He came to the States on tour a couple years later, and then it was game over. They were together, and they never looked back.

A few months went by after Rachel booked me as her wedding photographer. She emailed me to ask, “Instead of doing an engagement session, we were wondering if instead, you would come to photograph our secret elopement?”……Mic dropped. She went on to say the intimate ceremony would be happening in their home, their new home - mostly still empty as these two are always on the road, but most definitely filled with love and adoration.

When I got there that morning, George’s best mate was cooking up breakfast, Rachel and her sister were getting ready, mimosas were poured, breaky was served, and then it was on to the excitement of the day. It was the four of them, the officiant and myself as we all gathered beneath the low-hanging roof of their porch overlooking the Tennessee River. Laughs, tears, first kisses, cheers, clapping, scotch toasts. I got to be part of all of it, celebrating with them while capturing it all.

I fell in love.

With Mas Tacos in Nashville, Tennessee. We headed there after the ceremony to celebrate the new bride and groom’s reception with tacos and margaritas. They shared their first dance in the eclectic, festive bar. We talked about awkward first kisses. Their history together. Funny nostalgic stories exchanged in only the way they can be over tacos and margs.

This is it. This is the shit I live for as a photographer, as a human who thrives on connection and emotion.

A month later, we did the real wedding thing. Just as incredibly beautiful. Larger, but still strangely intimate. Be on the lookout for that blogpost too. You won’t want to miss it.

Coffee and orange juice together
Black and white blurry goodness for sweet authentic moments

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