New Year's Eve rolls around and people begin to draft up their resolutions. I used to HATE resolutions. It always seemed like empty promises, and I'm just not 'bout that life. But as I got older, I realized I make them every year anyways, and not just on January 1st, but I make them all year long. Simply put, resolutions are goals!

This past year, I got to scratch almost every one of my big goals off my list:

Move to a brand new place

Start my business √

Book 10 weddings √

Get published √

Travel to 5 new places √

That is an incredible feeling.

Now as we move into 2016, I am formulating a new list of goals (as we will henceforth refer to instead of resolutions). I have a new vision for my business and cannot wait to get to work. I've almost doubled the amount of weddings I had in 2015, and I get to travel to more new locations to meet more new amazing couples. I cannot wait to photograph their stories and share them with you.

As of... 27 minutes ago, the new website went live, and I am elated! I love it so much, I just might marry it ;)  So if you haven't been here in a minute (or 27 of them), feel free to explore! Hit that "inquire" tab if you are ready to book!

What are some of your 2016 goals?