I feel everything. It's a gift. It's a curse. It's just my nature. I'm an almost 30-year-old kid who has spent most of my life watching too many movies and reading too many books - specifically of the fantasy and fiction breed. My daydreams often get in the way of my reality. Fortunately, my job is my passion and it is my life, and daydreaming is part of that. Those dreams are almost always inspired by my surroundings, wherever I am, and how I might make it come to life behind the lens of my camera - my favorite place to be.  

I am a dog-cat-mom and stepmom to two awesome little human monkeys courtesy of their father and my partner in life. We do hella rad stuff together like renovate 100-year-old homes, turn ratty Volkswagens into stance pieces, watch endless Youtube tutorials on how to build custom furniture, camping hacks, and poach the perfect egg. It's those little moments that make a relationship real - the things you do in-between. Those are the pieces I look for behind my camera, the small moments that connect the two of you - the messy, the haven't-showered-in-three-days-because-Netflix, the cozy and comfortable, the silly and goofy, the lovey-dovey real you.

Some Stuff I Like:

  • Harry Potter Always

  • My Goldendood, Norman

  • My Ginger Tabby, Ghibli

  • Ice Cream/IPA's/Greek Salads

  • The way Home Depot smells

  • Mid-Century Modern decor

  • Camping/Mtn. Biking/Barefoot

  • Exploring + Traveling

  • Justin


Some Stuff I Don't Like:

  • Walking through spider webs

  • Slow drivers in the left lane

  • Instagram algorithms

  • Porters/Brown Ales/Bleu Cheese

  • Couch hangs without blankets

  • The inability to teleport