Just a few things...

  • I first started snapping photos of people in high school when I was on the Yearbook team.
  • I have two cats. One is 17-years-old named Callie. The other is named Ghibli for my love of Studio Ghibli films.
  • I am a PotterHead (as in Harry Potter). A big one. So much so that I had the stag Patronus tattooed on my arm.... "Always."
  • I love to travel. Iceland is number one on my bucket list. I will love you forever if you hire me and it involves travel.
  • DIY everything. It's a personal motto and a lifestyle choice. Find me on Pinterest here.


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I'm Taylor *waves*. I was born a southern girl with a love for green, humid summers, but also felt the power of the magnificent mountains calling as well as the pull of the ocean tide. I haven't met a landscape I didn't fall in love with.

I began photographing years ago, a creative root that took hold and blossomed into the passion of my life. As I grew, it grew with me. I realized the photos I made told stories - much like the creative tales and poetry I have always surrounded myself by. This realization became intent. Now every session I shoot has a purpose - to tell a story, yours. And there is none better than a love story. There is something enchanting about a wedding - two people meet, fall in love, vow to spend their lives together - it has to be magic, and I am honored and humbled every time I get to capture it!

Creative portraiture allows me to explore all avenues of this art form. Most importantly though, it gives me the opportunity to create something beautiful and unique with you; which, let's face it, is exactly what you are: beautiful and unique. I love to collaborate and brainstorm exciting ways to bring a vision to life - whether it is an individual, a family, a couple. or even an automotive photo session!

I would love to sit down with a cup of coffee, tea, or a pint of craft beer to talk about your story, get to know each other, and create something spectacular!