WHITE MAGAZINE FEATURE | Brianna & Kasey | Nashville, TN

Brianna & Kasey's magical, rainy estate wedding in Nashville, TN was featured on White Magazine's blog today!

If ‘True Love’ exists, it resides within Brianna and Kasey. And not just for the love they share together, but for the love their family and friends feel for them. On their wedding day the heavens opened up, the reception site flooded and filled with mud, yet all they cared about was marrying each other. In fact, they jumped into the pool in full wedding attire at the end of the night! Brianna looked stunning in her Rue de Seine gown, fresh new ink hidden behind her ring finger – an outline of an Emperor Penguin (Kasey’s favorite hockey team, and also the Emperor Penguin is a species that mates for life). Kasey, with his long curly hair, dressed in the most stylish blue velvet suit, and sported a Storm Trooper helmet for quite a bit of the evening!

From Brianna:

“We have always been friends and always will be friends which has made our adventure so fun. Wedding planning was fun and overall pretty easy. We are more laid back people and we knew that our main focus was making sure that our wedding was FUN. Coming from an event planning background (The Dress Theory Nashville), we were able to do almost all the planning and design ourselves which made it so special. We never quite had a vision for a whole “theme” of the day. We just kept making decisions and rolling with it! We wanted color and fancy clothes but also tacos and tequila. It was raining on the day of our wedding so everyone got muddy, but it was the most AMAZING day of our entire lives.”