#TBT: Birthday Week

This isn't a throwback, per se. In fact, these are cell images snapped this week from my birthday on Tuesday, the 14th!

J and I have decided that from here on out, we will always be vacating on our birthdays. We're two days (and one year) apart, we might as well celebrate together and in some place awesome! Otherwise, one or both of us will be working or have other requirements on our celebratory days - and there is nothing fun about working on your birthday. So in the future, even if it is just to drive into the mountains to camp for a few days or a full on adventure to New Zealand, we will be toasting to another year in style!

In the meantime though, to have spent it here, we still had a good time. Car shows, engagement shoots, homemade cheesecake, and fancy dinners, and I am quite grateful to have celebrated with such a hunk!