A Foggy Fall Engagement Session on Lookout Mountain | Allie + Garrison | Taylor English Photography

This foggy Lookout Mountain engagement session felt like another world. You really can’t even tell that we are cliffside because of how thick and encompassing the clouds are. But it sure made it feel magical! These two were dressed like a Vogue fall spread, and they clung to each other in the cold stickiness of the heavy fog.

Many couples might have wanted to reschedule their session because of this less-than-ideal weather, but the truth is, it photographed so beautifully and made for an incredibly unique engagement session. Plus, Allie’s red hair blazed against the whiteness of the clouds, and you all know, I love photographing a fiery redhead!

This is just another reminder to embrace the conditions. Yes, while there is a limit to this concerning my camera gear (it’s, you know, sort of expensive to replace), for the most part I suggest going with it! Sometimes a drizzly rain can make for the most romantic photos, cold temperatures might just mean building a fire and cuddling close, or even a summer storm might mean swinging on a porch swing watching it wash down around you. Be willing to change it up and use the weather as part of your session rather than in spite of it!