A Warm Winter Same-Sex Wedding at the Church on Main | Justin + Bradley | Taylor English Photography

Justin and Bradley were one of those couples who trusted my process and my creative vision entirely to capture their wedding and their love story uniquely. With a laidback intimate ceremony attended by their close family and friends, the focus of their wedding was all about the love they share and their future and marriage ahead of them. And yep, there was no shortage of tears to be had.

I loved that when I walked through the doors at the Church on Main, I found Justin and Brad casually dressed and immersed in decorating their altar and their reception tables. Later, I managed to sneak a few images of a moment I couldn’t love more - the two of them lying down on the stage of the historic wedding venue, eyes ahead, nonchalantly discussing normal life things. Later, they dressed together, helping each other tie their neckties and straighten their collars. Justin egged Brad on for one or two kisses while Brad futilely and very unconvincingly argued that they needed to wait for their first kiss as husband and husband.

They walked down the aisle together, never not holding hands.

During the ceremony, they softly read their handwritten vows to each other, Justin wiping away his tears. Brad finished his by whispering his last vow into his groom’s ear, only for him to hear. #tearjerker

Their reception was quiet and intimate, just a dinner with friends. We snuck into one of the side rooms, rustling up every single lantern they had used for their decor to shoot a few night portraits of the two of them - officially husband and husband.

It’s always an honor to capture love stories. All of them.