Colorado | Maria + Clayton | Love Story | Taylor English Photography

Seriously though, how lucky am I to have such incredibly attractive friends who also don't mind getting in front of my camera for some magical love story portraits! 

One night after not sleeping, I found myself having my own little Tim Burton movie marathon. Next thing I knew, I was ordering gothic parasols and drawing up concepts for this couples' session. The next day, I started spray painting red roses black and making bouquets, and buying velvet top hats from Party City. I reached out to Maria (who is often my second shooter these days and who is also terribly talented and beautiful!), and asked if she and her boyfriend of three years, Clayton would be into modeling for me - in the snow, all Addams Family style. And of course - they were so down! 

We drove out to an open space in Broomfield, Colorado where these evergreens grew at random and the snow had just fallen. We brought along smoke bombs and a black sheer curtain we used as a veil.

These two so totally nailed it. They knew exactly what I wanted and the esthetic I was searching for. The snow clouds and fog creeping in over the front range added to that eerie quality so like Tim Burton's films. Combine that with the love Maria and Clayton have and suddenly it didn't feel quite so chilly out there any longer!