For the Love of Film : Taylor English Photography

A few years ago, on Christmas morning, I unwrapped a gift from my brother. Beneath the crackling silver paper was hidden a gem. I discovered a very beat up leather camera bag, and inside a Nikkormat FTN film camera, a 50mm and a 200mm lens, along with a few rolls of used negatives that when held up to the light portrayed a small wedding ceremony in a backyard on a sunny day. He had bought the gear from a friend who's home he had been renting. Deep in a closet was this long forgotten camera bag, and so he brought it home and gifted it to me.

I have a small collection of film cameras, most are more like toys: a couple Polaroid cameras, a Diana F+, and a few others without given names. This one was real. It's heavy and quite lunky. As a result, I added it to my display collection without giving it much more thought other than, "But oh, isn't it pretty!"

But film is making a comeback, in a real big way, especially among wedding photographers. Nothing beats the crisp light, the richness of skin tones, and soft hazy effect that comes with quality film cameras. More than that, I think people are finding once again, that they love having something to hold, in their hands. We all know what happens with digital files, they get uploaded to Facebook, maybe get lucky enough to be a profile picture every once in a while, and that's about it. No one takes the time to print them and add them to photo albums or scrapbook anymore. So film is making a comeback, as these things often do, in a world that is entirely online.

And thus, here I am, jumping on the bandwagon. I cannot deny the quality of film. More than that, working with a camera that is all manual, requiring a constant vigilance to the light around me, and adapting to all these conditions within just a few moments, is exhilarating. And while I only shoot manual with my DSLRs, there is something so much more personal when working with film. I have a very long way to go, and so much to learn. But there are few things more invigorating than learning something new about your craft.