Kinsey + Tanner | Maternity | Oceanside, CA

I don't know if you are aware yet, but obviously these two are my favorite couple ever. Now, let me clarify - I may be a bit biased. After all, Tanner is my brother, and Kinsey - my sister-in-law. So whenever we are in the same state, and the same room at the same time - we plan a photoshoot and execute it accordingly.

I have put these two through the ringer - abandoned and creepy mini golf courses ("Hey, climb up there!"), massive Colorado hills covered in spiky cacti plants while wearing sandals, ("Hey, let's climb up there!"), soaking wet jettys in 50mph winds and 50 degree days when you're 7 months pregnant, ("Hey, climb out there!")....... it's amazing that they let me take their picture at all anymore! 

But I mean - LOOK AT THESE PHOTOS! Totally worth it right?! This what comes when you trust each other, both as photographer and client. Not to mention, they're gorgeous, but hey - it's a balance ;) 

These two - I knew when we were visiting that they were going to be amazing parents. They worship the ground the other walks on, and I knew then that this baby boy would be more loved than possible. They've since given birth to my precious and perfect nephew, and they are, indeed, the best parents ever. Be on the look-out for their baby session coming soon!