Christmas in Colorado | Personal

Christmas is kind of a big deal to me. My mom always made it such a special time of year. It started on Black Friday with shopping and then decorating. After that, we'd all go pick out the perfect Christmas tree the second weekend in December after my brother's birthday. Then it was on to the baking! All the candy and cookies and fudge - best part! We'd watch Christmas movies all month long and have fires even if it was 70 degrees out. Hands down, the most wonderful time of year!

That Christmas spirit has wound its way into my veins and it is compulsive in me to do the exact same - even if it is just for me! This year, J and I picked up our first real tree together, and we had no idea what we were getting into! We were leaving Costco, and saw they had a great deal on trees at only $38 a pop! 7-8 foot trees all wrapped up and ready to go! So, we strapped it to the roof of the car and drove home a la Griswold family Christmas..... and just like their situation, the tree was SO MUCH BIGGER than we anticipated ("lot of sap, little full!"). After several failed attempts to get it upright and all the sheddings vacuumed, it filled our little home with an overwhelming pine scent and the inability to escape that special Christmas-time feeling! All you can do is laugh.

Gift-giving is also a compulsion. There is nothing I love more than to spoil my loved ones with gifts - big, little, perfect, silly - I have to just keep buying. Yes, this eventually causes a minor panic attack, and then I adopt that unhealthy mentality of, "Oh whatever, it's just money." Hence, the ridiculous amount of gifts beneath the tree! I also love to wrap - I know most people don't, but it's just another of those things that fills me with holiday warm and fuzzies: a little Christmas music, some hot coffee, and pretty bows? Sign me up! Last night, I came home to several new gifts under the tree J had wrapped for me - he always has the best name tags, and very rarely does a gift say simply, "To Taylor, From Justin." Maybe it's his form of role-playing (haha!)?

We head back to Tennessee to spend the holiday with our families on the 23rd. While it will be somewhat different (my mom bought a new house, our gifts are staying here for one another, etc.), we cannot wait to get home to just spend time with the people we love most - and of course, to eat ALL the yummy food and candy! When we get back next week, J and I plan to reenact Christmas eve and day for ourselves including 24 hours of A Christmas Story (my FAV!).

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and warm and fuzzy holidays!