National Donut Day: Voodoo Doughnuts

Happy National Donut Day! While we still have to go to work today, and the banks are still open, and the mail still runs, this may be one of the most underrated and exceptional holidays we honor! In a way, it is very much like Valentine's Day. We celebrate on one day something we should celebrate every day - donuts (much like the love we should show every day, not just on V-Day!). 

Here in Denver, we have possibly the best Donut Shop in the world - Voodoo Doughnuts. The sweet-frosted sugar rounds cause an out-of-body experience. I was very thankful, on our first trip, we only purchased four donuts. Had we bought a dozen, I might have consumed them all in one sitting and gone into diabetic shock. I don't have diabetes, but I'm certain I would after eating a dozen of these at once. Voodoo has quite the sense of humor as well. Something you'll understand once you enter into the pepto-bismal colored walls adorned with hanging portraits of legendary rockstars, and naughty bumper stickers. The donuts all have highly creative and equally tongue-in-cheek titles. We picked up the Dirt Doughnut, Miami Vice Berry, Marshall Mathers (the M&M one - get it?!), and the McMinnville Cream. Mmmm.... just writing about it is making my mouth water! 

While I might be a little biased after this first experience, I urge you to not pass up the celebration of such heavenly little sweets on this day of honorary days - National Donut Day. Stop by your local donut shop and partake - when it is a holiday, the calories don't count!