The Dwell Hotel | Chattanooga, TN | Rehearsal Dinner

Kelsey and Breck celebrated the eve of their wedding day by throwing a rehearsal dinner party at one of the poshest boutique hotels. No, we actually weren't in New York City or Beverly Hills. The Dwell Hotel is right here in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Characterized by stunning works of art, bright pops of color, unique craft cocktails, trendy coffee table books, and furniture with long spindly legs - The Dwell Hotel is an art lover's dream! 

The bride and groom hosted their celebration for their family and friends who came from all around the world to revel in their love story! You could feel the anticipation for the next day brimming into excitement with each perfectly pretty cocktail that was passed around. 

Kelsey and Breck had the most beautiful wedding ceremony - stay tuned for that next! They planned everything around an awesome night out in the city of Chattanooga!