Colorado Living

J and I have been living in Colorado for about a month and a half now. I'm still in absolute awe every time I walk out the door. I cannot believe such beauty is in my backyard. This past weekend we took a trip out to the Rocky Mountain National Park (only about a 40 minute drive). Spring is in the air, and the warm sun makes for itchy feet.

We had plans to hike to Bear and Rainbow Lake. However, upon driving in, we discovered many of the roads were still closed due to 4+ feet of snow still on the ground. Our perfect early Spring day plans weren't exactly going according to plan! The park was full of winter hikers prepped and ready to hit the trails in their tennis racket snowshoes and skis! We were not expecting that. While we are loving living the Colorado dream, we have certainly learned that there is a difference in winter preparation here. All the same, we are learning, and next winter we will be much more prepared!

We made a stop at the Stanley Hotel - the famous landmark that sparked Stephen King's "The Shining." He and his family were the last to leave the beautiful hotel one winter before it closed for the season. The eeriness of the empty rooms and the vastness of the carpeted halls led to the inspiration of the famous horror story. The rooms still operate with heavy brass keys, and old portraits line the stairwells. They host the "Stanley Film Festival" in April - an event dedicated to creepy films the likes of Stanley Kubrick would appreciate! I am very much hoping to attend or even volunteer this year!

Sunday we drove down to Denver - our first visit to the Mile High City, and absolutely fell in love with it! Wall art and murals line the city buildings, sculptures reaching high into the sky, and a microbrewery on just about every corner. We had an incredibly lucky coincidence falling into line behind other modified Euro cars, and couldn't help but be excited about how awesome the car and Volkswagen scene actually is! I cannot wait to ship the Cabby out here, she would definitely turn heads :)

We are most definitely looking forward to warmer weather. We hear summer is truly magical here, and cannot wait to participate in everything this great state offers! Camping, hiking, biking, boating - all of it.

Stay tuned and check back for regular updates on our life out in the Colorado Wild!