A Saturday Date Inspired Engagement Session at the Carnival | Abby + Paden | Taylor English Photography

It has to be asked - don’t you wish this was you?!

This was just the funnest engagement session (funnest… is that a word? I’m making it one right now). We acted out a whole bunch of date ideas as if it were their most perfect Saturday.

Abby and Paden live just a couple blocks down for me, so I met them at their house, and then we traipsed around our St. Elmo neighborhood with their pups filled with the most gorgeous golden hour sunlight. Our neighborhood is the oldest Chattanooga, Tennessee neighborhood - totally historic. In fact, J’s and my house was built in 1920 - almost one hundred years ago!

After that, we went down to our local watering hole, The Taphouse, and grabbed a couple beers to relax and cool off a bit as we waited for the sun to dip before heading to our final destination - a pop-up, parking lot Carnival! Yep, that’s right, we went to one of those terrifying traveling carnivals, the one your mom wouldn’t ever let you go to because of all the urban legends about kids dying at these things, right!? Well - we survived, miraculously! And had a fantastic time doing it!

Abby donned this glittery romper, Paden unbuttoned his shirt, and we pretty much had a run of the place (because it wasn’t actually Saturday - it was a Monday!). We rode everything! I clung tightly to my camera, and managed to snap images of their real emotion on these rickety rides (check out Paden’s facial expressions towards the end!), and the blur of movement in the swings. It ran from ride to ride like kids, all the while, Abby and Paden clung to each other, love spelled out across their faces.

This was a spur of the moment decision - originally we had another idea in place, but when I drove past the carnival on Sunday, I knew I needed to shoot a fun couple’s session. I sprang the idea on Abby + Paden and they were all for it! Sometimes you gotta just fly by the seat of your pants, and embrace it all.