Laurel + Jesse | Engagement

This couple just fills my heart with light and love! They are absolute magic! They possess a style and an outlook on life that is all their own. Their love story is filled with tales of travel and road trips, of being caught in snowstorms, and moving cross country with their two pups. When we first met Laurel and Jesse it was at small trendy brewery a few blocks from their home called Odd 13. Next time, we met them at their little bungalow where they invited us in to capture their home and their love story - a gorgeous home, so beautifully styled, cozy and inviting. They cooked us dinner. Jesse and Justin shot BB guns, while Laurel introduced us to their three hens all named for classic country music singers. These two know how to do it - life, that is!

This Sunday is their wedding and I am bursting at the seams with absolute excitement for their big day!