Lindsay Lee: Taylor English Photography

This creative portrait shoot turned into quite the adventure!

I am still learning my Colorado surroundings, so a lot of my location scouting comes from either driving around or virtually exploring Google Maps. Lindsay lives in Fort Collins so I was looking for certain places to meet in the middle, and thought I had found the perfect one! So we set a date and a time and we headed out to meet one another. This particular location was somewhere along the mountain ridge, and so about 15 minutes away, I lost all cell reception and service! After driving aimlessly around, I realized I was never going to find this place! Drove back closer to town, fretting and anxious that Lindsay had already returned home (as I was 30 minutes late at this point!), but she too was lost! We met up, and traveled together down the road to this creek area in Lyons! We ended up sneaking onto someone's property to get some shots of her with this wood-pile, when we were approached and watched by the land owner - who looked like he belonged in the deleted scenes of the film Wrong Turn. We high-tailed it out of there, but we got some great images regardless!

I think I should add "Adventure Photographer" to my repertoire. Seems I am always getting my clients into hairy situations, but hey, that makes for some pretty great photos!

Check out Lindsay's Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Lee3p?fref=ts

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