Tiny House Love Story | Longmont, Colorado | Taylor English Photography

Ashley and Kurtis are one of my favorite Colorado couples, and I've had the photographic honor of working with them before - I mean, come on, could they be any cuter!? 

These two built this tiny house - entirely on their own. This is the stuff of Pinterest-dreams, totally swoon-worthy, and who wouldn't be obsessed with those touch of peach accents!? They share their tiny space with their pup Pike and their hopper - a bunny! He was a bit shy for pictures. I just cannot get over that they built this adorable tiny home. It's the perfect space for all the cozy snuggles, patty-cake on loft beds, and patio hangs with epic Colorado sunsets. 

But these two are already onto their next adventure - they sold their tiny home and are moving to a new city! I don't doubt that their tiny home experience is over just yet. But here's hoping I get to shoot the next chapter of their life - wherever that may be too! 

Tiny Home love story photo session playing patty cake in loft bedroom