Volkswagen on the Green: Taylor English Photography

There is a certain type of fever that shows up around May that has nothing to do with Spring. "Car Show Fever." You can feel it in the air. Hashtags #showprep #newwheels #baggin'thewagon - there is an electricity in the air that doesn't come from the nearest car-charge station. These are Euro shows: classic air-cooled cars, scraping-the-cement cars, swapped-engine-cars. You drag up in line and park hard, then you sit back and smile as people come by to admire your hard work and snap a picture or two, hoping to land a special feature on a multi-thousand follower Instagram account. But you're there because you love it. You love the smell of burning tires (clutches, too, for that matter), you love the sound of a VR6, you even love the chipped or rusted paint. It's character. More character than half of the dudes you waste time with at the water-cooler. And you love that. 

We are gearing up for all the shows, and we kicked it off in a new place this year - Colorado. And so far, we haven't been disappointed. In fact, we have been rather surprised by all the modified cars we have seen. We were told there wasn't much of a "scene" out here. "Too much snow," "the roads are chemically treated," "whoa, dude, the potholes man - things of nightmares." Now these statements are true, and I have quite seriously had nightmares about the potholes that can swallow me alive, but none of this has stopped a very lively modified car scene to emerge in spite of those drawbacks. See what I mean? Character. 

Volkswagens on the Green was the "Ready, Set, Go" of the season. Mostly air-cooled vehicles, some well-done dubs, and plenty of camper-vans selling for more than $30k. Totally understandable - who wouldn't want a renovated, traveling camper when you live in the Rockies? Indeed, it is now next on our very long, ever-growing list of recreational vehicles. "Recreational" referring to non-daily drivers of any type. I have my own list of new accessories for my Cabby. This is what happens: car shows throw all responsibility and priorities out the window. "RENT?! Forget rent! I need an EXHAUST!" But this is why you love it. 

With the upcoming show season at hand, my business partner and partner-in-crime - Justin, and I are looking to really delve into the automotive photography business. We are looking to photograph and feature clean cars. Or dirty cars. Let's call them "Character Cars." Drop us a line, and we will be in touch!